Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tis the Season for New Growth in All Things

I've been busy with my book tour, and catching up on my reading on my favorite blog sites, so today was a day outside for a couple of hours - away from the computer. It's mostly purple season at my house, but the colors are coming on and the yard and flower gardens are looking lush! I hadn't done a walk-about in my yard for a week or two and my, how it has changed! The Giant Allium are popping out and the Oriental Poppies (the most intense tangerine you could imagine) are nearly ready to join them - their flower bud heads are ready to burst. Funny how a little bit of time away can change the landscape's appearance, bringing in all kinds of newness.

I've also let my WIP (Book Two for the YA Quintspinner series) sit unattended for the past couple of weeks and I'm now viewing it with fresh eyes. My motivation in progressing with it had been severely lacking and I had a lot of excuses - I've got the blog tour, my day job, my yardwork, other community commitments - but now, in rereading, I realize that subconsciously I didn't like where the story line was heading.

It was kinda' blah.

BUT, walking among my garden, I was flooded with new ideas, and I returned to the house, refreshened with inspiration for the story - a new journey in the storyline and an unexpected possibility for the ending. New growth is everywhere and it's contagious!


  1. I love those idea bursts! I hope you get them all down and they work perfectly! I find I do best with them when I take a power walk... busy body, relaxed brain is the surest declogger for those ideas...

  2. So true Hart. I managed to scribble a couple of pages of ideas down. I'm thinking of taking my laptop out into my yard and settling down in the middle of a flowerbed to write. Feels so energized out there. Thanks for stopping by. Love your site!

  3. Your book sounds so wonderful. I was very happy to host you at my blog. Thank you.

  4. It was so nice to "meet' you Laura. The interview was great fun to do!